DOXCHECK INC., is an innovator tech company that has found the solution to the nagging problem of credentials, documents and identity fraud. It is the creator of the first and only proprietary secure centralized online documents verification and authentication facility designed to protect issuers of documents from fraudsters and counterfeiters and allow fast, easy and accurate verification by the receivers of documents. Conceived in 2012, the company is steadily growing and is constantly building its reputation in the global stage. Having proven the efficacy and efficiency of the system in institutional issuers of high-value documents, DOXCHECK is now answering the clamor from different professional groups and has launched the DOXCHECK Professional.

Both the DOXCHECK Corporate and DOXCHECK Professional will set the new global standard in credentials, documents and identity verification. In time, credentials, documents and identity fraud will be a thing of the past.


Our mission is to provide an accessible, innovative, secure and reliable means to verify the authenticity and validity of high-value documents. We protect partner-institutions and individuals by providing them with a unique and cutting-edge business solution.