DOXCHECK is a central online documents verification facility where the reader (holder or recipient of a document bearing a doxcheck authentication code intending to verify the authenticity of that document) can instantly, accurately and securely inquire into the authenticity, validity, regular execution or other significant information relating to the document directly from the author/issuer of such DOXCHECKed document through a portal accessible via browser ( , ios/android mobile application and SMS platforms. This system does away with the traditional and tedious process of formal verification that usually take several days to complete.


A DOXCHECKed document is any document that bears a valid DOXCHECK GLOBAL CODE (“document DNA”). Usually, high-value documents are DOXCHECKed; but any document can be DOXCHECKed, e.g. diplomas; certificates; transcript of records; medical papers; contracts; IDs; membership cards; stock certificates; bills of lading; letters of credit; commercial documents; audit reports; opinions; financial documents, etc.


The DOXCHECK GLOBAL CODE (or aptly called “document DNA”) is a unique serial number that allows a one-to-one encryption of data. Only one document can be encrypted into one authentication code. This system define the fool-proof security offered by DOXCHECK.


Only legitimate institutions and qualified individuals, who are authors or issuers of documents can enroll as DOXCHECK issuers/authors. Before these institutions or individuals can enroll, a pre-qualification process and thorough background investigation and verification is conducted to ensure that they are legitimate issuers and authors of documents. These institutions and individuals are accountable for all the DOXCHECK authentication codes registered under their names; a secure inventory of all codes issued is kept by DOXCHECK.


To a jobseeker. DOXCHECK can boost the chance of a job applicant of landing a job if his/her diploma/certificate/transcript of records is/are DOXCHECKed because the potential employer can instantly, accurately and securely verify the authenticity, validity and due execution of the document/s in much lesser time compared to that of another applicant whose documents/credentials are not DOXCHECKed. A traditional verification process takes about 5 to 10 working days to process.

To an employer. DOXCHECK significantly reduces, if not completely eliminate, the hassles of credentials/documents verification of applicants. A regular inquiry process takes about 5 to 10 working days to complete, not to mention the additional work of writing formal requests and making personal telephone calls that eat up valuable resources. A DOXCHECK verification takes only a few seconds to complete without compromising accuracy and security.

To an author or issuer of documents. DOXCHECK shields the author or issuer of high-value documents from the dangers of documents fraud like counterfeiting, forgery, unauthorized alteration and other problems that can compromise the reputation and credibility of the author/issuer. The unique DOXCHECK authentication code prevents counterfeiters and forgers from unlawfully altering, copying or duplicating a document. Even assuming that the document itself and the authentication code is perfectly forged, a simple DOXCHECK verification would instantly reveal whether the document is valid or not. Only one unique DOXCHECK authentication code is assigned to one document, i.e., one particular code would only show the details of the document to which it is validly assigned; hence, even if the forger succeeds in copying a DOXCHECK code and the tamper evident hologram label, the information securely stored under such code cannot be altered, which if verified would readily reveal the fraud committed. For instance, a certificate is validly issued to John Doe by XYZ School bearing the DOXCHECK authentication code ABCD1234; if a forger produces a certificate purportedly issued by XYZ School to one Mark Smith purportedly bearing a DOXCHECK authentication code ABCD1234; a verification of the DOXCHECK authentication code will show the details of the valid document issued to John Doe and not that of Mark Smith; instantly, therefore, the forgery is revealed. Similarly, if the forger comes up with a random authentication code (assuming that the hologram label is perfectly forged as well), upon verification, the portal will either show the real document to which that code is validly assigned or will flash a red flag that the code is not valid or is unauthorized.

To a holder of high-value documents. The holder of a DOXCHECKed document is assured that his/her documents are authentic, valid and regularly executed and are counterfeit-proof. Whenever these documents are presented, the holder exudes credibility and commands respect from the reader/recipient of the documents.


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