With the PLATINUM package, the DOXCHECK PROFESSIONAL is allowed to assign "document DNA" to every document he issues or authors. The "document DNA" is represented by the DOXCHECK GLOBAL CODE. For instance, the DOXCHECK PROFESSIONAL issues and signs a letter of Authority that authorizes someone to transact in his behalf. By simply sticking the DOXCHECK GLOBAL CODE on the letter, the receiver or reader of that document can easily verify, online or via mobile, if that document was truly issued by the signatory.

       DOXCHECK PROFESSIONAL also allows an individual to create an online career portfolio. Upon sign-up, the individual can upload DOXCHECKed credentials and/or request for source-verification of other credentials and documents. This feature sets the individual apart from other professionals who use social networks as personal marketing tools. DOXCHECK PROFESSIONAL showcases the individual’s factual and verified credentials and other useful personal information and dispenses the need for tedious verification and background investigation by potential clients or employers. DOXCHECK PROFESSIONAL builds the individual’s credibility.

       As a DOXCHECK Professional, the individual will have his own portal where he can manage his portfolio. He can organize his portfolio by adding and rearranging the order of his credentials. He also has the option to hide or show each of his uploaded credential.

e-Portfolio Management

       The individual can download his e-portfolio DOXCHECK Code (represented by QR Code) that can be printed on business cards, resumes, and other documents. By scanning the QR code, the verifier will be redirected to the individual’s DOXCHECK Professional profile.

Download QR code